Venue Information

Customers will find themselves treated with the same professionalism and hospitality they would expect from any major club in LA, New York, London or Rome.

A good time is guaranteed.

The club is fully licenced, air conditioned, and fully equipped with sound and light.

Venue Info - Split into 4 areas:

The Raised Bar

is a great spot to hang out and watch the action

The Floor

is where you can do your rockin' or sit in comfort, depending on what act is goin down on stage

Stage-Side VIP Room

this is THE position for up to 15 people to get up close and personal with the acts.


another cool room for up to 30 to relax away from the dance floor but still with a great view of the stage action.

Venue Info - General:

Fat Lil's is generally open 6 nights a week from 8pm until 11 (2am weekends) and permits all from 18 years of age (and sometimes younger where advertised).

There is no membership required and cover charges vary depending on acts.

Promotions at Fat Lils

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